Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Calicut University 5th Semester LLB Supplementary Result 2016 - 2017

5th Semester LLB Supplementary Result 2016 - 2017 - Calicut University Result: Are you looking for 5th Semester LLB Supplementary Examination Result 2016 - 2017 has unveiled today.
There were around few number of candidates appeared for the qualifying examination conducted couple of months ago. As per report there were 43.87% candidates cleared the 5th semester LLB examination.

The issue was regarding with LLB marks card of the 4th Semester examination which also had the marks of other semesters to certain students has been reported to the university later night. Merely, The rise of problems for LLB SAY  related to data/scores entry proclaimed in Nov 2016 during the 4th semester examination.

Calicut University 5th Semester LLB Supplementary Result 2016 - 2017

The university has cleared the issue regarding the students found with errors for 1st semester LLB Say examination past days and it is reported that, problems with 20% arises by the mistake by students self and other issues will be truly cleared by university of calicut.

As the valuation team reported also that few number of students were not capable of writing LLB examination anymore, due to the malpractice report on the same happens during the LLB Calicut university 5th semester say examination, The Students reported with that the same issue will be debarred from the university for 3 years from their entries university studies.

However, for those students happens to see with good pass percentage having greetings from the university Calicut. If any of the candidates fails to see their results on our official. Please directly reported to the university of the very next day of working day.


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